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Convention Center
The City of Miner welcomes the addition of a new Convention Center
which has completed construction in October 2010.  The building is
16,000 sq. feet with meeting room to seat up to 600 people depending
on the chair set-up in all three sections.  The seating area is
determined by how many tables and how many people you are putting
at a table and with 600 people that is auditorium seating.   The City
has collected a bed tax from their numerous hotels since 1996 and
now has enough funds to build this long anticipated building. Interested
parties can call the city hall at 573-471-8520 for rental information.  

If you have any questions on the rental schedule and rules for the
Convention Center, please
CLICK HERE to view them. You may also
CLICK HERE to view a layout of the Miner Convention Center. Please
contact us if you have any questions. For additional pictures please
Arcade area.  
Breakout Rooms.  We have two of these that
will seat 10 people each.
One Section of the large rooms.  Each
section has it's own projector with projection
Kitchen with commercial appliances.  800 lb
Ice maker, refrigerator, freezer, and range.
The large projection screen that be used when
all three sections are being used.
One of the small projection screens.  There
are three of these one per section.  

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