Miner is a fourth class city operating under Mayor/Board of Alderman
form of government.  There are 4 board members, 2 from each ward,
elected for two-year terms.  Elections are held each April.

Council Members:
Ward 1 Council Member: Deloris Smith

Ward 1 Council Member: D
on Foster

Ward 2 Council Member: B
ill James

Ward 2 Council Member:  Betty Barnes

Mayor:  Darren Chapman

Regular Meeting Schedule:

The Board meets in regular session at 6:30 p.m. on the 3rd
Tuesday of each month at the Miner City Hall, 103 State
Highway H.

Submit agenda items to the City Clerk in writing seven business days
prior to the date of the meeting
Phone:  573-471-8520
Fax:  573-471-1959